Ones Dreams.

My thoughts wander into the deep black of my eyelids blanketing my eyes. I only wish for five more minutes of sleep but suddenly I find myself staring blankly at the ceiling, just waiting for my alarm to pound my ear drums, but all I hear is silence, pure silence.

I might as well just get myself up but still that is better said than done. I glance at the floor, I all I see is my clothes lathering it. I get up, awaiting my mother’s soft hugs, then I realise she’s not here. Though her not being here has made me stronger.

It’s an ordinary day, I walk to the family room, sitting there indecisive of what I’m going to do next. I turn on the television only hoping that this black box will help me get over the downs of life.

The gun fires, everyone is blasting as if they were rockets in a night sky. Their legs in the condition of everybody else but me. I turn it off stopping myself from tearing out my heart, I’ll never be like them, and I can’t.                by tahlia kroeger

2 thoughts on “Ones Dreams.

  1. Good job Tahlia! I really liked how you used powerful words like ‘lathering’ and ‘blasting’ to describe something. I can’t wait for your next piece of writing!

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