my piece of writing!

Stage fright.

(Point of view of Jessica Mauboy)

A beam of light dances on my face making my skin bubble in excitement. The hard wooden floor sent a shiver up my spine. The thrill of getting one chance of showing them who I really am, right here, right now, it’s exhilarating. it’s an opportunity of a lifetime.

I pray in the spotlight I’m just an ordinary stranger lingering under the alley street lamp, waiting for a sign to help me get through this performance. Why? Why am I so nervous? I’m a professional. I should be used to this by now.

Another doubt is whispered to me. It’s funny though, it sounds like a really familiar voice. It sounds like my voice, but I can feel a small voice inside me, an inactive voice ready to be set free, telling me that I’m okay.

I remind myself of my mother’s comforting smile. She’s proud and I know it, she’s out there today, beautiful mother.

I’m ready I say to myself. Come at me life, come at my world!

By Tahlia Kroeger

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