welcome to my glorious blog!

Hi there. I’m Tahlia and I’m a complete netball freak, I played netball for three years and I had a great time. Also I adore my two dogs their always so crazy, but it’s really funny though. I like to sing, dance and draw, even though I’m not that good I still really enjoy it. […]

Remembrance Day

Guns fired below, Many years ago. Crosses lay, In columns and rows. Farewell heroes, And betraying foes. Amongst the cackle of the crows, The poppies grow. In Flanders Fields. Scarred eyes, Truly wise. “We’ll never make it out of here alive” What about the children and wives. They sit there alone, Watching the poppies grow. […]

Ones Dreams.

My thoughts wander into the deep black of my eyelids blanketing my eyes. I only wish for five more minutes of sleep but suddenly I find myself staring blankly at the ceiling, just waiting for my alarm to pound my ear drums, but all I hear is silence, pure silence. I might as well just […]

Disaster downunder showcase!

What a fantastic way to end our natural disasters unit. Everyone put in their 100% effort and the displays looked amazing to. I’m so proud of each and every one of us for participating, we came out with some brilliant work. All parents were undeniably wowed by our high quality work. It’s fantastic that our […]

my piece of writing!

Stage fright. (Point of view of Jessica Mauboy) A beam of light dances on my face making my skin bubble in excitement. The hard wooden floor sent a shiver up my spine. The thrill of getting one chance of showing them who I really am, right here, right now, it’s exhilarating. it’s an opportunity of […]

quote of the day!

Dont forget that your awesome and keep moving on with life, dont let the past drag you down! Be resilient and never ever let anyone drag you or anyone around you down! live life, be yourself, be awesome!